Basalt Fiber Roving
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Basalt Fiber Roving

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Product Description

Description of Basalt Fiber Roving

Basalt roving is made of a bundle of parallel strands without twisting. The tensile strength of the roving 7 - 13μm≥0.6N/Tex,the elastic modulus is≥100Gpa and the elongation at break is≥3.1%. Compared with the PPTA and UHMWPE, this basalt fiber not only has the high strength, high modulus & excellent shock resistance but high temperature resistance, light resistance, better binder strength especially with the surface combined with resin sizing. Basalt fiber is a kind of inorganic fiber, which can be used as the ballistic & protection material. In its composites, basalt fiber has the inner explosive prevention function when used in the ballistic material and can prevent the danger from the explosive blast. Furthermore, it has some other advantages such as: no bounce, no spalling and no second execution fracture function, which can be used as the base material for the ceramic facing armoring system.


Applications of Basalt Fiber Roving

--Filament-winding of various pipes, tanks, and cylinders; --Various woven roving,and Geotextiles;


Specification of Basalt Fiber Roving

Basalt Fiber Roving

 Other specifications are available for customization.

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