Basalt Fiber Yarn
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Basalt Fiber Yarn

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Product Description

Description of Basalt Fiber Yarn

Basalt filament yarn is made of multiple basalt strands by primary twisting or without twisting (usually the filament diameter is under 9μm)Basalt twisted yarn can be divided into weaving yarns and industrial yarns, and weaving yarns are usually made into cylindrical or milk bottle shape packages.


Specification of Basalt Fiber Yarn

Other specifications are available for customization.


Applications of Basalt Fiber Yarn

--Raw material of fabrics and tapes, resistant to acids, alkalis and high temperature;

--Base cloth of needled felt; & Base cloth for electric insulation board;

--Advanced insulation materials;

--Unidirectional fabrics with high temperature resistance, high elastic modulus and high strength;

--Advanced heat-resistant and chemical-resistant fabrics;

--Electric insulating yarns and threads;

--After special surface treatment, the yarn for waving fabrics with radiation resistance and heat resistance at 650℃ to 980℃.

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