Carbon Fiber Surface Tissue
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Carbon Fiber Surface Tissue

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Product Description

Description of Carbon Fiber Surface Tissue

Carbon Fiber Surface Tissue is produced by a paper-making process. The chopped carbon fiber strands are distributed uniformly on base platform then wet bonded by a special purpose binder. It has the characteristics of uniform fiber distribution,smooth surface, high wetout efficiency and strong adsorption.

The specifications are bespoke on such as fiber specification, binder type, the specific performance of tissue and etc. With uniform fiber distribution and fast wetout, the product is suitable for all major composite manufacturing process and is compatible with various resin systems.


Characteristics carbon fiber tissue

Carbon Fiber Surface TissueCarbon Fiber Surface Tissue

Applications of Carbon Fiber Surface Tissue

Carbon fiber is widely used in civil, construction, chemical, industrial, aerospace and sports cars.

(1) Carbon fiber reinforced plastics

Carbon fiber tissue changes the inner and outer surfaces of various CFRP to hide the texture of yarn or cloth, and its soft and smooth property makes it adhere to the surface of complex shaped mold providing CFRP a smooth surface.

(2) Acid and alkali resistant fiberglass pipes, storage tanks, chemical containers and filtration

Carbon fiber tissue is suitable for pipe, tank, and seawater related applications based on its corrosion resistant properties of various kinds of concentrated acid and alkali, especially for hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid resistant storage tanks or containers etc. It can be used to filter corrosive gas or liquid too.

(3) Fuel cells and electronic components

CFM conducts electricity, which is an ideal material for making fuel cells and heating components.

(4) Electronic instrument shell

The prepreg is made of carbon fiber tissue of big weight, for molding the shell of electronic equipment. The parts possess thin wall and light body, high strength and stiffness, creep resistance a comprehensive function of preventing electromagnetic wave interference and radio frequency interference.

(5) Electronic field

Multiple effects of electromagnetic or RF shielding, electrostatic protection, and satellite reflector can be obtained by decorating the electronic area with carbon fiber tissue.


PACKAGE of Carbon Fiber Surface Tissue

Each roll is wound on a carton tube then put into a protective plastic bag and carton paper protection sector to be laid vertically one or two rolls on a pallet. Carbon Fiber Surface Tissue

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