Fiberglass Nonwoven For Roofing
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Fiberglass Nonwoven For Roofing

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Product Description

Description of Fiberglass Nonwoven For Roofing

Fiberglass Nonwoven is produced after a paper-like process that average 13-micron fiberglass chopped strands are randomly distributed on a base platform then bonded by urea formaldehyde binder solved by polymer dispersion. The nonwoven for roofing is mainly used as substrate for water-proof roofing materials. The asphalt mat made with Pasia Fiberglass Nonwoven base material has an excellent weather-proofing, improved seepage resistance, and longer service life.


Product Features of Fiberglass Nonwoven For Roofing


Technical Specification of Fiberglass Nonwoven For Roofing


Application of Fiberglass Nonwoven For Roofing

It is an ideal base material for roof asphalt mat and other related products. The series can also be used as a thermalinsulation layer for buildings.

The extended product line including nonwoven reinforced with mesh and coated nonwoven, are widely used for high tension and corrosion proof applications, so they are the ideal basic material for architectural stuff.


Packages of Fiberglass Nonwoven For Roofing

Each roll is wound on a carton tube then put into a protective plastic bag and carton paper protection sector to be laid vertically one or two rolls on a pallet.


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