High Silica Needled Mat
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High Silica Needled Mat

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Product Description

Description of High Silica Needled Mat

High silica needle mat is made of high silica fiberglass chopped strands by combing needle puncturing process. It has excellent thermal insulation, acoustic absorptivity and high efficiency of tail gas cleaning. It has high temperature resistance, up to 1100℃. It is incombustible with low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability and electrical insulation. Furthermore it is a non-asbestos product without pollution to the environment or harm to human health.


Main Specification of High Silica Needled Mat

Si02 content: ≥96%

Thickness: 3mm to 25mm

Density: 110kg/m3 to 180 kg/m3

Width: 914mm to 1050mm

Continuous working temperature:1100℃


Main applications of High Silica Needled Mat

-Engine exhaust system insulation

-Machinery insulation material and chemical industry

-Thermal and acoustic insulation material for autosand motorcycles industry

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