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MI Fire Survival cable

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Product Description

MI Fire Survival cable, (short as MI Cable), it is also called magnesium oxide Cable or fire-survival Cable.


Mineral insulated cable possesses a long history of more than one hundred years. It has been developed and put into production in major industrial countries, such as Italy, Canada, Australia, the United States, Russia, Japan etc. China started development and production in the 1960s, began mass production at the end of the 20th century, and put into the national fire design specifications for a large number of domestic applications since the beginning of this century.


Composition of Mineral insulated cable

Mineral insulated cable is a kind of cable which uses annealed copper as conductor, dense magnesium oxide as insulation and annealed copper pipe as sheath. If necessary, it can be squeezed with a layer of plastic outer sheath around the annealed copper sheath. For specially required occasions, a layer of low-smoke halogen free sheath can be applied.  


Advantages of Mineral Insulated Cables

Since all the materials of this cable are inorganic, it has some advantages that other cables cannot have, such as, fire prevention, high current carrying capacity, resistance to mechanical damage, non-toxic, non-halogen, explosion-proof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, long life, safety, overload resistance, high temperature resistance, low cost, small bending radius, anti-ant, anti-rat bite, copper sheath used as a protective grounding wire and so on.


Product Coding System

Structure Characteristic

Voltage Grade



Core Number

Cross Section mm2

Light load



light copper conductor copper sheathed mineral insulated cable




light copper core copper sheathed PVC sheathed mineral insulated cables



Heavy load



heavy duty copper conductor copper sheathed mineral insulated cable




heavy duty copper conductor copper sheathed PVC sheathed mineral insulated cables




Product application

Mineral insulated cable has been widely used in high-rise buildings, shopping center, star hotel, hospital, theatre, conference center, library, museum, government agencies, financial center, radio and television center, sports center, industrial and mining sites, airport, tunnel, subway, light rail, underground garage, civil air defense, shipbuilding, aerospace, petrochemical, offshore oil platform, steel, metallurgy, tobacco, military industry and other places as uses of ordinary lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm, firefighting, emergency elevator electric circuitry and lifting equipment lines, computer room and control circuit, the trunk/dry line, double power supply control circuit, power supply distribution system, ventilation and rescue system, emergency broadcast lines, emergency elevators, high-temperature places, power lines, lines in potentially dangerous explosion areas, etc

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