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Advantages and use of aluminum honeycomb panel


Much of our understanding of aluminum honeycomb panels is made of two aluminum panels firmly on both sides of a thick aluminum honeycomb core material. Aluminum honeycomb panel is a product with many specifications that can be accepted for customized production. It is suitable for large-area wall panels, especially the flatness of aluminum honeycomb panel.


The advantage of the aluminum honeycomb panel is that the panel surface is smooth and also resists the appearance of scratches, and the color is also uniform. The surface of the aluminum panel is coated with a continuous roll coating technology at one time, so the surface of the aluminum honeycomb panel will be uniform and smooth. The aluminum honeycomb panel has the effects of heat insulation, fire prevention and thermal insulation, because the inside of the aluminum honeycomb panel The aluminum honeycomb core is honeycomb-shaped, which can prevent the expansion of air circulation, heat and sound waves, and the limited barrier. The coefficient of heat conduction and sound wave of the plate is greatly reduced. Aluminum sheet is a kind of flammable and environmentally friendly material. It is also convenient and simple to install, environmentally friendly and recyclable, and has a long service life. The choice of surface modeling and color can be diversified. The surface treatment process can be fluorocarbon baking paint, wood grain transfer, anodizing. Good surface treatment can increase the service life.

 aluminum honeycomb panel

There is no standard size for aluminum honeycomb panels, which are all manufactured according to the design drawings required. Aluminum honeycomb panels can also be produced and processed into furniture honeycomb panels. Now everyone pays more attention to the environmentally friendly materials of modern furniture. There are many furniture industries that use aluminum honeycomb panels to produce furniture. Aluminum honeycomb panels are completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The surface of the board can be solid wood, aluminum board, ceramic or marble. Honeycomb board can also be used for curtain wall decoration. Aluminum honeycomb board can also be preferred. This can make full use of the high bending strength of the honeycomb board and other metal sheets. Compared with that, it can appropriately reduce the size and amount of the reinforced aluminum profile behind the board, and can ensure that the roof has an overall smoothness and flatness and can maintain long-term good results.