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Why choose fiberglass?


Fiberglass fabrics have many unique and outstanding properties, and provide design opportunities for improving existing products and developing new, lightweight, and cost-effective composite products. Simply put, glass fiber has the following excellent properties:


Chemical resistance


Fiberglass fabrics will not rot, mold or deteriorate. In addition to hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid, they can resist most acids.


Dimensional stability


Due to changes in atmospheric conditions, glass fiber yarns used to make glass fabrics will not stretch or shrink.


Good thermal performance


The fiberglass fabric has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and a higher thermal conductivity. Glass fibers dissipate heat faster than asbestos or organic fibers.

 Fiberglass fabric

High tensile strength


Fiberglass fabric has a high strength to weight ratio. A pound of fiberglass yarn is twice as strong as steel wire. The ability to design unidirectional or bidirectional strength in fabrics greatly increases the flexibility of end-use products.


High heat resistance


Inorganic glass fibers do not burn, and are basically unaffected by the high baking and curing temperatures often encountered in industrial processing. Glass fiber will retain about 50% of its strength at 700°F and 25% of its strength at 1000°F.


Low moisture absorption


The glass fiber yarn is made of non-porous fibers, so the hygroscopicity is extremely low.


Excellent electrical insulation


High dielectric strength and relatively low dielectric constant, as well as low water absorption and high temperature resistance, make glass fiber fabrics perform well in electrical insulation.


Product flexibility


The extremely thin filaments used in fiberglass yarns, a variety of yarn sizes and configurations, different weave types and many special finishes make fiberglass fabrics available for a wide range of industrial end uses.


low cost


Fiberglass fabrics are competent and comparable in cost to synthetic fiber and natural fiber fabrics.