Unidirectional Fabrics
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Unidirectional Fabrics

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Product Description

Description of Unidirectional Fabrics

Unidirectional woven roving is 0°or 90°unidirectional fabrics. Wefts or warps are bound with polyester yarn, hot-melt yarn and thin fiberglass yarn, and then they will be fixed by high temperature.

1. no binder used;

2.fast wet-out;

3.high strength in a specific direction;

4.increase the properties of laminated FRP in terms of ultimate tensile strength, delaminating resistance under stress and flexural strength;

5.reduce the weight of FRP;

6.make FRP surface smoother;

7.simplify the operation pf hand lay-up and improve productivity


Specification of Unidirectional Fabrics


Packing of Unidirectional Fabrics

The rolls should be wound on tubes with high tension. The individual roll can be wrapped in a plastic bag then protected by

carton box. Lay the rolls horizontally. The glass can be in bulk or paced on the pallets. The glass on pallets should be 3 rolls per

layer, 3 layers per pallets, protected against dirt by a plastic film, and reinforced with PET belts.


Application of Unidirectional Fabrics

This product has good dimensional stability and is mainly used in manufacturing pipes.

Unidirectional Fabrics

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